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January 14, 2019

After eating wood ducks and mallards and other water fowl, I realized that not all water fowl are created equal. Wood ducks have a very different diet than mallards and you can taste the difference in the meat. No brining is required for wood duck, just add butter and salt!


April 4, 2019

Who knew that one could make a delicious dinner of meat nuggets out of the suburban pigeons flying all around our yard day in and day out? Okay, we did not go hunting in our front yard but we did get some doves during a very legal dove hunt. Toss these with your favorite wing sauce. 


April 4, 2019

I normally practice catch-and-release when fly fishing but sometimes you go camping and your husband forgets to bring the dinner meat. Here's a recipe for those who remember to bring their fly rod on camping / DH trips...and who happen to have pecans handy.

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