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Wild Game Recipes

Below are a few of our favorite go-to recipes that are inspired mostly by the wild game that my husband brings home from a hunt. They include wild turkey, trout, venison, duck and more. 

Wild Turkey


December 16, 2018

I tasted turkey schnitzel for the first time at an authentic German restaurant in Helen, GA. Instead of making repeated trips to Helen to get my fix, I decided why not make it here at home? With wild turkey meat? No joke, this is the FIRST thing we make when Spring gobbler season rolls around. 


April 9, 2019

I honestly don't eat pasta all that much since I am doing Keto but my husband Devon still craves it from time to time. Being the considerate wife that I am, I'll make Devon pasta if he's on his best behavior. I learned that positive reinforcement does wonders in a marriage. This recipe involves wild turkey sausage - yum!


November 4, 2018

I went through a phase where I was absolutely obsessed with chicken tortilla soup. Well, we ran out of chicken and now use wild turkey instead since we've got wild turkey coming out of our ears at this point. You could probably use any wild game here but this one uses turkey - try it!


December 16, 2018

I don't much like kale by itself but I hear it's really good for you. That said, why not pair it with some really savory, unhealthy ingredients? Those cancel each other out, right? Just like eating celery with peanut butter. 


April 9, 2019

Yes, I've made turkey sausage links before but sometimes you just want to shape things into a nice ball, brown them, and toss them in a soup. It's like matzo ball soup except it's turkey instead of matzo and definitely not kosher. Okay maybe it's nothing like matzo ball soup.



October 9, 2019

I don't cook with wine that often...not because I don't know how but because there's usually none left after we've had our fix. I managed to restrain myself and save some for this stew. It was well worth it - maybe we should practice putting the bottle down more. 


October 22, 2019

Everyone kept telling me the back strap of a deer is like steak. Sometimes you have to challenge popular opinion and take matters into your own hands, especially when you have a hard time trusting popular opinion. Well, we tried it and I must say, it was pretty damn close to steak.

venison burger.jpg

October 22, 2019

This was originally supposed to be a "grill" recipe but sometimes it's just too cold to go out and man the grill. Or maybe I just need to put clothes on, er um, more clothes on. Anyway, this burger is PERFECT on the stove, just make sure you put a good sear on it.


October 9, 2019

You know those days/nights when you're tired and just don't feel like cooking over a stove? What if there was a way to just dump everything in a pot and leave it for a while? This is almost that simple, you do have to sautee the onion and garlic, but I let Devon volunteer to do that. Okay, I actually told him to do it and then bribed him. More on that later.


December 20th, 2020

We crave Mexican food from time to time and the restaurant down the street doesn't deliver unfortunately. Also, I'm pregnant and I've been craving anything crunchy and cheesy. Behold, Christmas Venison Nachos. 'Tis the season for snowy piles of cheese layered on chips, tomatoes, onions and chopped venison roast!


December 7th, 2021

Before feeding the deer innards to your dog, check out this recipe! It's deer heart chili and it's pretty amazing. 

Waterfowl & Fish

Waterfowl & Fish

January 14, 2019

After eating wood ducks and mallards and other water fowl, I realized that not all water fowl are created equal. Wood ducks have a very different diet than mallards and you can taste the difference in the meat. No brining is required for wood duck, just add butter and salt!


April 4, 2019

Who knew that one could make a delicious dinner of meat nuggets out of the suburban pigeons flying all around our yard day in and day out? Okay, we did not go hunting in our front yard but we did get some doves during a very legal dove hunt. Toss these with your favorite wing sauce. 


April 4, 2019

I normally practice catch-and-release when fly fishing but sometimes you go camping and your husband forgets to bring the dinner meat. Here's a recipe for those who remember to bring their fly rod on camping / DH trips...and who happen to have pecans handy.

Small Game Birds

Small Game Birds


April 9, 2019

I looked and looked but could not find a single pasta recipe that included both pesto and pheasant. It makes sense, pheasant is typically a fall/winter bird and pesto is served in the spring. Well, we had some leftover pheasant in the freezer and I decided to give this combination a shot. Not too bad!



April 9, 2019

When we get tired of cooking with game meat (hardly ever), we get a good deal on pork tenderloins at the store. There's no shame in relying on processed meat to get the job done. Oh yeah, the instant pot makes it nice too. I also bought that at the grocery store. Just to be clear, we go to the grocery store a lot.

chicken and rice.jpg

August 14, 2019

Yes, we eat wild game a lot but sometimes I just want chicken, and that's not wild - well, not around these parts anyhow. Brown rice takes forever to cook but not when you shove it in an instant pot with frozen chicken. Needless to say, this is a low maintenance meal but is super delicious for the amount of effort put it.


July 4th, 2020

We decided to make these because 1) we wanted a homemade version of a dog treat we could bake ourselves and 2) we've been trying to use up all of our leftover bacon grease! These are great because they are simple and Chip is CRAZY for them; I could barely get him to sit still in this picture. 

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